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Rev. Grandstaff
Thank you for being a part of our wedding day and a part of the wonderful memories we'll have forever.
Rev. Grandstaff
Thank you for being a part of our special day. Everything was so picture perfect - it was amazing! We would definitely recommend you to our friends and family. Great job.
Jon & Brook
Rev. Craig Grandstaff
Thank you so much for your wonderful ceremony. We have had so many people tell us they have never heard the vows like that. Thank you for making the mood not so stressful. You were great.
The Hartley's
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Email From: Katie
To: Wedding Event Planner
Date:  March 31, 2011
Re:  Rev. Craig Grandstaff

Hi Wedding Event Planner

Jim and I met with Rev. Grandstaff tonight-thanks again for connecting us with him.
Can you offer any brief specifics as to why you recommended him so highly?

Reply Email From

Wedding Event Planner
To: Katie

Hello Kate,

I am happy to let you know why I prefer him…
He is never late
He is always well dressed in either a jacket and tie or vestments (whichever the bride chooses)
He speaks clearly and enunciates well
He does not require a mic as his voice carries well (not always the case)
He speaks at an acceptable rate of speed (as opposed to way too fast)
He is of good stature, so that he can speak over or around the bride and groom (you may chuckle) reading that, but this is very important.
He offers State of Florida approved counseling
As you can imagine, I have worked many, many weddings and I am very critical.  How many of the things above are important to you?

Please send over any further questions you may have.

Wedding Event Planner

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