Clergy Wedding Services

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Let's talk about your needs

Start looking for an officiant as soon as you have your date and location for your wedding

What is the cost or fee for officiant services?

With so many variables to consider, the cost may vary depending on the time, place and mileage. Before making a final decision, all fees should be openly discussed and agreed upon.

• How should I expect the officiant to be dressed?

Most officiants present themselves In a Suit or Robe and Stole.
Casual shirt and slacks (If requested) Whatever is pleasing to the bride and the groom.

• How much information does your officiant need?

The officiant needs to be informed of time, place, style of ceremony, directions to ceremony site and a contact person the day of your wedding.

• Method of Payment?

I do require a deposit to secure my services.
CWS accepts all major credit cards and PayPal.
(Please contact me to make sure your date is available)

• Getting Together

I would be more than happy to meet with you and go over everything in detail to make sure all your needs are met.
If you're a Destination Bride - We can arrange a Conference Call to answer your questions.



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